Top earners in the U.S.

Billboard, in the US, has issued its 2015 survey of the top money makers in music...and the biggest revenue earner is not an American. The artists are ranked by estimated money made for the year in album and track sales, streaming revenue, publishing royalties and touring.

1 One Direction ($46.0 million)

2 Katy Perry ($30.1 million)

3 Justin Timberlake ($27.9 million)

4 Billy Joel ($27.2 million)

5 Eagles ($26.2 million)

6 Luke Bryan ($25 million)

7 Paul McCartney ($23.5 million)

8 George Strait ($22.5 million)

9 Jay-Z ($22.0 million)

10 Jason Aldean ($20.2 million)

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