Polish Wexford's second language

According to the new figures, 421 people in Wexford were unable to speak any English whatsoever on the night of the 2011 Census.

Of the 11,257 speakers of foreign languages in Wexford, 42.36% (4,768) judged themselves to be able to speak English 'very well'. 3,547 people said they could speak English 'well' while 2,046 people said they couldn't speak English well. A total of 445 people didn't state their ability at speaking English.

Other than English, Polish was the language most spoken in Wexford, with a total of 3,905 speakers in the county. 1,162 spoke French, 732 spoke Lithuanian, while 5,458 ticked 'other' in relation to the foreign language spoken.

36% of people (50,936) stated that they were able to speak Irish.