New film to be shot in Wexford

Published 15/02/2012 | 12:03

WEXFORD HAS become a mecca for film makers as yet another film director, this time Richard Wolstencroft from Australia, has chosen to shoot scenes for his current project, 'The Second Coming' on location in Wexford.

The film is a portmanteau film (an anthology of several short pieces), shot in Australia, Thailand, America, Britain, Switzerland and Ireland. It is based on the poem 'The Second Coming' by W.B. Yeats. Each of the seven short parts which make up the feature are designed to reflect on themes from this particular poem and the poetry of Yeats in general.

The film stars local actors Michael Parle, Natasha O'brien, Luke Mckenna and Kevin Mcdermott, giving them an opportunity to star alongside well known faces like Michael Tierney, Jim Goad, Gene Gregorits, Boyd Rice, Kristen Condon, Pete Doherty, Kim Fowley and others.

Director, Richard Wolstencroft is a top name in the Australian Indy Film industry and runs the annual Melbourne Underground Film Festival which is now in its twelfth year.

After, spending some time in the South East he is encouraging 'all Irish Indy filmmakers to send us their films as we love Ireland at our festival'.

'The Second Coming' is set to be released online on the December 21.

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