Plenty of fun at Killurin Regatta

By Esther Hayden

Adam Roche, Jack Kinsella, Ruairi Murphy (cox), John Kavanagh and Graham Curran who won the 14 boys A for Edermine Club.
Adam Roche, Jack Kinsella, Ruairi Murphy (cox), John Kavanagh and Graham Curran who won the 14 boys A for Edermine Club.
Karl Sexton, MJ Walsh, Niall McDonald, Patrick O'Connor and Jay O'Connor.
Aoife Walsh and Sadbh Bonnington.
Brothers Josh and Thomas Donovan with their medals.
Orla Curtis, Ferrycarrig Rowing Club, and Sinead O'Leary of the Killurin Club.
Paddy Carley (cox), Lauren Hogan, Cathy Kehoe, Samara Bolger and Cody Byrne of Edermine Club.

There was plenty of action at the Killurin Regatta last week.

Participants from across the county took part in the very successful regatta with the hosts taking much of the honours.

These were numerous classes on the day and many of the races had very exciting and tense finishes with all teams giving their all in order to win.

The winning teams hailed from Killurin, Ferrycarrig, Edermine and St Kearns and there was plenty of friendly competitive banter exchanged on the day as each team vyied for honours.

There was a great turnout on the day with everyone commenting on how well the regatta was run.

The regatta, the last of five scheduled regattas in Wexford during the month of July, will go down as being one of the best yet.

The results were: Under 12 Boys A: 1st - Killurin, 2nd - St Kearns, 3rd - Aisling

Under 12 Boys B: 1st - Ferrycarrig & Edermine, 2nd - Killurin

Under 12 Girls A: 1st - Ferrycarrig, 2nd - Aisling, 3rd - St Kearns;

Under 14 Boys A: 1st - Edermine, 2nd - Edermine, 3rd - Killurin

Under 14 Boys B: 1st - Edermine, 2nd - Ferrycarrig, 3rd - St Kearns

Under 14 Girls: 1st - Killurin, 2nd - Edermine, 3rd - Ferrycarrig

Under 16 Boys:: 1st - Edermine, 2nd - St Kearns, 3rd - Ferrycarrig, 4th - Killurin

Under 16 Girls: 1st - Killurin, 2nd - Ferrycarrig

Under 18 Boys: 1st - Edermine, 2nd - Ferrycarrig, 3rd - Edermine

Under 18 Girls: 1st - Edermine, 2nd - Maudlintown

First Class Men: 1st - Killurin, 2nd - St Kearns

First Class Ladies: 1st - Killurin, 2nd - Maudlintown

Second Class Men: 1st - Edermine

Second Class Ladies: 1st - Killurin

Third Class Men: 1st - Ferrycarrig, 2nd - Killurin, 3rd - Edermine

Third Class Ladies: 1st - St Kearns, 2nd - Ferrycarrig, 3rd - Edermine

First Class Mixed: 1st - Killurin, 2nd - St Kearns

Second Class Mixed: 1st - St Kearns

Third Class Mixed: 1st - Ferrycarrig 2nd - Edermine

Pre Vet Men: 1st - Killurin, 2nd - Edermine

Pre Vet Women: 1st - Killurin, 2nd - St Kearns

Men's Pair Oar: 1st - Killurin, 2nd - St Kearns, 3rd - Killurin

Women's Pair Oar: 1st - Killurin

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