Talented Tagoat actor lands new movie star role

A TALENTED Wexford actor is taking a starring role in a new movie which starts filming in Galway in September.

Nic Furlong from Tagoat is taking the second lead in the film 'Street' which is due out in cinemas in Ireland and the UK next year. The cast includes some actors from Raw and Love/Hate as well as Irish ex-boxing world champion Steve Collins.

'I was over the moon when I got the news that they where offering me the part to be honest,' said Nic.

'Everything has happened so fast, it's surreal. I'm currently filming another feature film called 'Taryn Barker' which is also due out for release next year, so I feel very blessed.'

Nic, who moved from Madrid to south Wexford as a child, grew up in Tagoat and went to school at the Wexford CBS before studying at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.

His first film was 'Dead Tiger,' a crime drama that was shown at film festivals nationwide.

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