Mu Junior 'B' season hit by delay

For ANYONE tuning in to hear about my latest escapades on the Junior 'B' field, there are none I'm afraid.

I got caught up in things on Thursday evening and didn't make it to the traditional pick-up spot (local pub car park) in time.

I hope to return to action on Thursday, so keep an eye out for me on the 9 p.m. news on Thursday evening.

Johnny Magee (Wicklow manager) himself is believed to be flying in just to get a glimpse of me in action.

The lads soldiered on without me and I hear it was a very encouraging performance so I could well end up sitting on the sideline this week. They got a squad picture taken prior to the match and stuck it up on Facebook and I was raging I missed it because I would've tagged myself in it so that all my Facebook friends would think I'm a great lad.

Maybe this week I'll play and perform well and get a mention in this very newspaper and then I'll cut out the article and stick it on the fridge.

Or if I'm really desperate for a mention I'll do a Madonna and plant a smacker on the referee's lips.

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