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Three meetings last week

Published 12/05/2015 | 00:00

Eugene Dempsey and Nicky Flynn at the greyhound racing in Enniscorthy
Eugene Dempsey and Nicky Flynn at the greyhound racing in Enniscorthy

It was a busy week with three meetings, including two over the Bank holiday weekend, and some big crowds were in attendance for some very good racing.

Sunday's card was a monster race night for the Michael Foley bursary fund and Enniscorthy Rugby Club and it was a big success. Monday night's card featured the first round of the Sam McCauley Pharmacy Unraced Stake.

Owner/trainer John Kehoe of Clonroche had the honour of having the fastest of the heat winners when his Sion For Blaze was an eye-catching winner of heat two in a good 29.11.

May 3 results - race one, The Bolger Brothers A6 525: 1, Ashwood Whiskey (owner, Helen Doyle, Gorey; Blackstone Gene-Ashwood Hayley), 29.92.

Race two, M.S.S. Services A5 525: 1, Rockys Best (owner, Alan Neville, Co. Wexford; Melodys Royal-Whitefort Kate), 29.19.

Race three, The Ensor O'Connor Solicitors A5 525: 1, Mikeys Gold (owner, Michael Whelan, Enniscorthy; Fatboyz Tyson-Jacquelines Lost), 29.33.

Race four, The Rapparees-Starlights A3 525: 1, Menapi (owners, John O'Connor and James Murphy, Enniscorthy; Burnpark Champ-Clean Sweep), 29.04.

Race five, The P.E. Kelly Insurance A4 525: 1, Shaneshill (owners, Cormac and Eddie Doyle; trainer, Thomas Codd; Makeshift-Blackstone Zippy), 29.59.

Race six, The Global Steel A7/A8 525: 1, Bisto Katie (owner, Liam Kavanagh, Co. Wexford; Everlast Lee-Ketch Up Bell), 29.51.

Race seven, The Cooney Furlong A3 525: 1, Moreton Misty (owner, John Spracklen, Saltmills; Head Bound-Sparta Beauty), 29.30.

Race eight, The Power Brothers A4 575: 1, Lord Diamond (owner, Tommy Woods, Enniscorthy; Droopys Scolari-Prodigy Royal), 31.92.

Race nine, The Martins Londis Tomnalossett A2 525: 1, Piercestown Mick (owners, Seamus Whelan and Ronald Shinkwin, Piercestown; Droopys Maldini-Piercestown West), 29.16.

Race ten, The Kavanagh's Pharmacy A3 600: 1, Hondo Zippy (owner, James Connolly, Enniscorthy; Hondo Black-Blackstone Zippy), 33.01.

May 4 results - race one, The Sam McCauley Pharmacy Unraced 525 round one, heat one: 1, Whitefort Ross (owner, Michael O'Connor, Oylegate; Melodys Royal-Whitefort Kate), 29.73.

Race two, 525 round one, heat two: 1, Forest Cody (owner, Patrick Kehoe, Co. Kildare; Forest Master-Forest Jackie), 29.25.

Race three, round one, heat three: 1, Sion For Blaze (owner, John Kehoe, Clonroche; Ballymac Vic-Sion Swift), 29.11.

Race four, round one, heat four: 1, Ballinaboola Risk (owner, Niamh Murphy, Ballinaboola; Ace Hi Rumble-Piercestown West), 29.34.

Race five, round one, heat five: 1, Highest Honor (owner, Padge Kehoe, Clonroche; Blackstone Gene-Droopys Oaks), 29.52.

Race six, round one, heat six: 1, Awaiting Credit (owner, Declan Kinch, Co. Wexford; Archaton Pine-Cahir Lass), 29.51.

Race seven, The Track Bar A5 525: 1, Goneforthespuds (owner, John Joe Fowler, Blackwater; Droopys Maldini-Crash Black), 29.38.

Race eight, The Next Meeting Thursday 7th May A4 525: 1, Effernogue Diva (owner, Michael Nolan, Effernogue; Fatboyz Tyson-Forest Diva), 29.29.

May 7 results - race one, Welcome To Enniscorthy A5 525: 1, Paddock Sky (owners, Tanya Gardiner and Bernard O'Brien, New Ross; trainer, Nick Turner; Skywalker Ace-Turbine Terry), 29.16.

Race two, Intertrack Betting A4 525: 1, Southest Tsunami (owner, Daniel Frayne, Forth Mountain; Razldazl George-Southest Lazey), 29.18.

Race three, Try A Trio A4 575: 1, Insufficientfund (owners, John O'Connor and Tommy O'Rourke, Enniscorthy; Burnpark Champ-Clean Sweep), 31.52.

Race four, The Barking Buzz A4 525: 1, Willmount Jewell (owner, Oliver McGrath, Castlebridge; Forest Master-Vintage Kewell), 29.08.

Race five, Unrecorded Trials Wednesday and Friday A2 525: 1, By A Whisker (owner, Cormac Holloway; trainer, Michael English, Kilkenny; Ace Hi Rumble-Rachaels Tiger), 29.04.

Race six, A2 575: 1, Piercestown Mick (owners, Seamus Whelan and Ronald Shinkwin, Piercestown; Droopys Maldini-Piercestown West), 31.45.

Race seven, The Show Grounds A3 525: 1, Kacys Blu (owner, Denise Whelan, Wexford; trainer, Nick Turner; Ace Hi Rumble-Springmount Chat), 29.14.

Race eight, The Track Bar A0/A1 550: 1, Isarunt (owner, Niall Deacon, Co. Wexford; Burnpark Champ-Clean Sweep), 29.99.

Race nine, Next Meeting Monday 11th May A3 600: 1, Baggerman (owner, Aidan Denton, Enniscorthy; Ace Hi Rumble-Pretty Nicola), 32.82.

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