Saturday 19 October 2019

A breakfast briefing with Microsoft CEO

Jim Hughes.
Jim Hughes.

The CEO of Gorey-based IT and telecommunications company Innovate, Jim Hughes, recently rubbed shoulders with the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, at a breakfast briefing in the Convention Centre in Dublin.

During the briefing, Mr Nadella shared his perspective on how organisations can harness digital technology to transform and accelerate growth. The interactive session included an energising question and answer session where the select group of business leaders heard about exciting opportunities for Irish organisations, their customers and employees.

Jim said that Innovate continues to attract some of the brightest talent in the region and it is therefore no surprise that the company is recognised by peers as one of the top Microsoft partners in Ireland. He added that the event signified the maturing of cloud technology which is now the primary mechanism for business to access and invest in technology to drive productivity, profitability and ultimately maximise business growth.

'Innovate's vision is to become the market leader in transforming the consumption of technology to the cloud service model,' he said. 'Our competitive advantage continues to be our culture. Our people continue to make Innovate better and Innovate continues to invest in our people. This philosophy is at our core, and I was very proud to represent all of our people at this event.'

Innovate's partners include Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM. Jim said that since its foundation over ten years ago, the most important stakeholders to Innovate have always been its customers and its people.

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