Saturday 16 December 2017

Bank of Ireland opens pop-up branch in Wexford

By David Tucker

The new pop-up branch.
The new pop-up branch.

Bank of Ireland recently opened its first 'pop-up' branch in North Main Street, Wexford, offering extended opening hours for mortgage advice in a convenient central location.

'When it comes to mortgage lending, Bank of Ireland goes out of its way to make things as easy as possible,' said Andrew Owen, Bank of Ireland's branch Manager in Wexford.

'We're always on the lookout for opportunities to help with practical mortgage advice, when and where it's needed. That's why we're very excited to launch our first pop-up branch right here in Main Street Wexford for people to drop in and ask us anything from 'how to start to plan for a mortgage' to 'how much can I save if I switch'.

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