Friday 24 January 2020

Blooming great fresh flower business opens pop-up shop

Lennie Wall officially cutting the ribbon to open her 'Wallflower' shop in Ballycullane.
Lennie Wall officially cutting the ribbon to open her 'Wallflower' shop in Ballycullane.

A FLOWER FARM pop-up business based in Coolroe, Ballycullane, on the edge of the Hook Peninsula was officially launched on Saturday.

The family run flower business was opened by husband and wife Paul and Lennie Wall. What makes their business unique is the way they grow their flowers. Lennie said: 'Our flowers are grown from seed in trays, carefully nurtured until they are big enough to be transplanted to the field or tunnel. While we are not a certified organic business we predominantly grown pesticide and chemical free using methods like nettle tea, comfree tea, natural pest control, compost and manure.'

Lenny, from Holland met Paul - who has an organic horticulture qualification - while nursing in Belfast in 2003 and made the big move to Ireland a year later. 'Coming from Holland I grew up in a country where flowers where available in abundance and there was always a vase of fresh flowers on the table at home.'

Lennie said: 'What makes us unique from a standard florist or supermarket flowers is that our flowers are fresh and often scented. The types of flowers that we grow are very different to flowers imported and not readily available. There shapes are not always straight or perfect. My style is free, wild and natural. I did several training sessions with the widely recognised Hanako flower farm and design studio in Cork.'

To extend their season they have officially opened Wallflower, a Christmas pop-up shop, which includes handcrafted natural Christmas table centrepieces, ornaments and a wide range of Christmas tree décor. 'I hand make all door wreaths and doorswags with fresh foliage, herbs and different colours that give Christmas a organic and natural feel.

'We also supply some other small businesses with a platform to sell their handcrafted Christmas items.

'Some of the flowers we grown are, zinnias, wallflower, sweetpea, cosmos, scented stock, love in a mist, gladioli, cornflower, nicotiana, islandic poppies, ammi, foxglove, dahlias, tullips, daffodils, frittalaria, sunflowers; the list is endless.'

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