Wednesday 23 January 2019

BrewDog comes here for the beer

Maria Pepper

Wexford company YellowBelly Beer has teamed up with BrewDog of Scotland to produce 'Kottbusser', a once-forgotten German beer style at the YellowBelly brewery in Wexford.

The collaboration follows BrewDog's decision to work with 10 breweries around Europe on a series of new beers. BrewDog Brewing Manager John Allen said the company is always looking to collaborate with exciting brewers from all over the world.

'When it came to Ireland, the guys and the beers from YellowBelly Beer really caught our attention after featuring them in our bars last year,' he said. 'Brewing with the team was awesome and they're definitely destined for great things with the selection and quality of beers they are making.'

BrewDog and YellowBelly are brewing two versions of the Kottbusser, a kettle-soured beer featuring Scottish heather honey and Mr Jeffares Wexford Blackcurrants, and a straigher version without the sour edge.

The latter will be brewed at Brewdog's Ellon site in Scotland.

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