Tuesday 16 January 2018

Bruton told Rosslare area is key to South East jobs

By David Tucker

The Rosslare area has been proposed directly to Minister Richard Bruton as a key to the creation of jobs and the development of the South East.

The proposal was put directly to the minister who sat for more than four hours among 150 representatives of business, local government, third-level education and support agencies from Wexford, Kilkenny, Waterford and Tipperary at the Tower Hotel, Waterford to hear their ideas for the government's Action for Jobs initiative.

Martin Shanahan, ceo of the IDA, Flan Clune and Johanna Murphy of Connect Ireland and key people from Enterprise Ireland and County Councils were there.

With them were Tony Larkin, director of service, Wexford County Council, Tom Banville, chief executive of LEO - the Local Enterprise Office, Eamonn Buttle, South East Radio, Karl Fitzpatrick, Chevron Training, Neil Hughes, accountant, Madeleine Quirke, chief executive of Wexford Chamber and Breda Cahill, president of the New York Association.

The proposal is that Rosslare Europort as a gateway for the entire region to the UK and mainland Europe and a gateway for them in return to the South East, must be developed for its enormous tourism and commercial export import facility potential.

The proposal was made as part of a brainstorm session in which the 150 executives present consulted with each other on three separate issues for the region under the headings of innovation, collaboration and branding and were given the task of preparing action points for jobs creation.

Among the proposals they presented were that a unified brand image for the South East must be developed and promoted here and abroad.

They proposed development on agriculture, tourism, pharma, education, IT sectors and new ideas.

They further proposed collaboration and partnership with neighbouring and competing businesses, reduction of red-tape, cohesion in delivery of services, development of infrastruture, bringing together of education and training, teaching of entrepreneurship in primary and secondary schools, development of the University of the South East proposal and incentives to start-up businesses, 60 per cent of which currently fail in their first five years.

At the event, Breda Cahill presented a copy of 'The Wexford Book' to Minister Bruton.

Rosslare is at the start of what is officially called Euroroute One between linking Larne with Belfast and Dublin and all the east coast ports and connecting to Dublin Airport.

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