Tuesday 21 January 2020

Bus driver Andrew Lynch is a real hero

Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch

Cathy Lee

Bus Éireann celebrated its employees' success in 2019 at the annual Go the Extra Mile Awards ceremony in Dublin's Croke Park which saw Wexford's own Andrew Lynch being named as 'Hero of the Year'.

Bus driver Andrew is from Rosslare Harbour, and on the night he was praised for his kindness and compassion, particularly towards older people.

The crowd heard how he helped an elderly passenger be reunited with her family.

'He came across an elderly passenger while operating an evening service from Waterford to Rosslare Harbour. A keen observer, Andrew noticed that the woman had no baggage and that her mobile was also ringing throughout the trip. He answered a call and spoke with a family member who advised that the lady had severe dementia and was missing from her home since earlier that day.

'Andrew contacted local Gardaí, ensuring that she was safe and well,' the crowd heard on the night.

Judges said that Andrew was dedicated to his role and really went the extra mile on this occasion.

Other awards on the night included school bus driver of the year, depot of the year and team of the year, and the awards themselves sought to recognise particular staff who know a thing or two about excellent customer service, their community, performance and forward thinking.

There were also five value awards issued, to reflect Bus Éireann's core values such as safety and collaboration.

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