Saturday 16 February 2019

Carrigbyrne Cheese welcomes public in Bord Bia campaign

Some quality Irish cheeses
Some quality Irish cheeses

ONE of the region's finest cheese producers, Carrigbyrne Farmhouse Cheese based in Adamstown, opened its doors to the public on Wednesday as part of the Discover Farmhouse Cheese programme.

A crowd attended the farm at the Ballyshannon Farm, Adamstown, on Wednesday afternoon to see how the cheeses are made in a unique farm setting where all the electricity and heat produced on the farm is from an anaerobic digester.

The Discover Farmhouse Cheese programme is an EU co-funded campaign organised by Bord Bia, which is a celebration of farmhouse cheese in Ireland. The campaign aims to share some of the amazing stories and people behind farmhouse cheese - why and how they do what they do.

Cheesemakers from across Ireland are opening their doors and farm gates to the Irish public and Discover Farmhouse Cheese is encouraging people to visit one of the farms and experience first-hand, the story of farmhouse cheese - the milk and dairy herds, the small batches and commitment to taste and quality, and the cheesemaker's dedication to making some of the finest artisan products.

Farmhouse cheeses have a wide variety of styles to choose from with some taking years to reach perfect maturity. A distinctive feature of farmhouse cheese produced in Ireland is that all farmhouse cheeses created here are unique to each producer - a characteristic which is markedly different to the continent where many farms and dairies produce the same cheese under strict guidelines to ensure consistent standards (e.g. Camembert).


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