Sunday 8 December 2019

Chamber to run new diploma course

Wexford Chamber of Commerce has introduced a new part-time Diploma in Management Effectiveness and Practice Programme, in association with Wexford Campus Carlow IT.

This new and innovative course is designed to facilitate Wexford businesses to upskill and provide training for supervisors, managers or anyone in or wishing to enter a leadership role. The programme is unique in that it offers a diploma qualification in 18 classroom days (three days a month, for six months. The diploma award is based on continuous assessment, class based lectures and work based assignments.

The course commences on March 5 and will be delivered over six modules. Each module consists of three days per month during March, April and May with a break for the summer months and resuming in September, November and December.

Those who successfully complete the course will receive a Level 7 award. The course will be given in the Wexford Campus, Summerhill Road. For more details contact Wexford Chamber of Commerce.

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