Saturday 21 September 2019

Chambers Ireland urges 2015 focus on job creation

The chief executive of Chambers Ireland says 2015 will be a watershed year for Ireland's economic recovery and we must continue to build on the strong performance of 2014.

Ian Talbot, was commenting following the release of the 2014 Exchequer Statement, urged the government to maintain its focus on job creation and cost management.

'The 2014 Exchequer Statement provides evidence of just how far the Irish economy has progressed in the past twelve months.

'The increases in tax receipts, particularly in VAT and Capital Gains Tax, point to a significant growth in economic activity and an improvement in the domestic economy.'

'However risks remain, many outside our control such as ongoing international developments.

'Therefore Government must not lose focus and needs to continue to commit to the prioritisation of job creation and cost containment in the economy as the key drivers of competitiveness,' he said.

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