Friday 23 August 2019

Companies with websites pick up more jobs

Leinster SMEs with a website pick up an average of 16 additional jobs a year, new research from the IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the company that manages Ireland's country domain name .ie, has revealed.

Nationally, Irish SMEs with a website receive an average of 22 additional jobs a year, with each worth an average of €1,089 or €24,000 per annum in additional revenue.

Dublin-based SMEs receive the highest average number of additional jobs (41), followed by the rest of Leinster (16) and Munster (14). Connacht and Ulster receive the fewest (12).

The research, conducted by Ignite Research in March, also showed that nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of Irish shoppers are more likely to purchase goods and services from a business that has a website.

Despite this, only a little over half of consumers (51 percent) believe that their local shops and businesses are equipped for the digital age (i.e. have a basic website, have e-commerce capability). Indeed, three-quarters (74 percent) said they find it frustrating when a company has no website.

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