Tuesday 21 November 2017

Computing 'aid for schools' to be marketed

a new Wexford-based business is offering what is said to be a unique product to aid primary and post-primary school teachers and ultimately to develop a develop a virtual teacher to help with the delivery of a computing and coding syllabus in the classroom.

Founded by Wexford man Trevor Murphy, is leading the way in offering a service in aiding both primary and post-primary teachers sectors become literate in understanding computing and coding and is running 'Computing and Coding Teacher Training Workshop Programmes' throughout Ireland.

These are designed to help teachers understand this new area and become competent and comfortable with it, to deliver computing and coding in their classrooms and in supplying classroom syllabus.

'As we are all aware the Minister for Education keeps throwing out hot potatoes about computing and coding coming to our primary and post-primary sectors which has parents hoping for joy and rightly so,' said Trevor.

'But when will this happen and how? Presently these questions are unanswered.. teachers and principals have received no direction outside of this statement,' he said.

'Within my 2015 research thesis titled "To examine the usage of computing to aid learning in Irish primary schools" teachers and principals clearly stated that they are struggling within the inclusion of coding into their classrooms, highlighting the reasons as having curriculum overload and receiving no aid or direction from the Department,' he said. Trevor said the thesis also highlights the ever increasing gap between our education sector versus other nations with respect to the delivery of computing and coding as a fully embedded subject. 'Our closest neighbour and biggest English speaking rival for attracting multination tech companies, the United Kingdom has had computing and coding embedded within the curriculum at primary and secondary levels since 2014. 'This makes perfect sense for long-term economy growth by feeding third level institutes with computer and coding literate students which upon graduation feed the ever increasing marketing demand. Unfortunately this is not what is happening here,' said Trevor. Trevor's aim is to aid as many teachers and principals throughout Ireland acquire the skills and confidence to implement computing and coding into their schools and classrooms which he will continue to do through while also entering a new joint venture with Stephen O'Connor of

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