Tuesday 16 January 2018

Customer is king in online course

By Amy Lewis

Members of Wexford Chamber, and Allied Training joined with representatives from local retailers.
Members of Wexford Chamber, and Allied Training joined with representatives from local retailers.

Seeing the customer as king is the basis of a new free online customer care course recently launched by Wexford Chamber of Commerce, Allied Training and

The brainchild of Wexford eLearning company, the course aims to help businesses to prevent profit loss due to poor customer services. It is the first initiative of its kind in the country.

CEO of Wexford Chamber Madeleine Quirke said that the initiative is important for the Wexford economy.

'There are approximately 25,000 people working in wholesale and retail trade in the county of Wexford. Therefore this initiative is of significant importance to the local economy on a macro and micro economic level. It is fantastic to see local companies giving this type of support to other local businesses. It is exactly what Wexford Chamber is about,' she said.

The three groups involved saw a need for the course following recent research on customer service. According to these studies, retailers are losing thousands of euro every year because of poor customer service.

'If a customer spends €50 per week at the supermarket, the lifetime value of that customer over 20 years is a whopping €52,000. If the retailer loses 10 customers a year because of poor service or apathy, that equates to an eye-watering half a million euro loss to the business,' said Dominic White of 'When retailers start to look at the financial link between good customer service training and the bottom line, they see why other retailers pay so much attention to staff training.'

Local Kerlogue business Allied Training is the appointed training partner in Wexford of Mr Terry Walsh of Allied Training explained how word of mouth can have a huge effect on business.

'Every dissatisfied customer tells 10 other people which also has an impact on profitability and while companies spend vast amounts of money to attract customers, it is nine times cheaper to retain the customers you do have,' he said.

The course covers a basic introduction to retail customer care with topics such as upselling, communicating effectively, building report, gaining credibility, the importance of good product knowledge and much more. They can be completed at a time and a place that suits the retailer.

Representatives from many of Wexford's local retailers came along to the launch to learn what the eLearning course can do to help their business. For the month of May, every retailer in Wexford will be entitled to a free customer care course.

'There are no ifs or buts, every single retailer in Wexford is entitled to the free certified course.

'It is a fantastic initiative and if it gets sufficient support we would love to role it out to other initiatives,' said Madeleine.

Those who wish to take part in the course can contact Dominic White at

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