Wednesday 17 January 2018

Former Sola shop floor worker is now a Zeiss GM

Simon Houghton.
Simon Houghton.
Shona King (centre) with some of her therapists Mareike Bartel, Christina Chadwick, Lisa O'Leary and Victoria King. Missing from photo is Siobhan McMahon.

A former shop floor employee of Sola Lenses in Wexford has just been appointed to a top job with Carl Zeiss in North America.

Simon Houghton, from Pinewood, who started with Sola 25 years ago as an operator, is now the general manager for Zeiss North West, which takes in all of North West America.

'It's great now to start from an operator on the floor to this,' said Simon's wife Stephanie back on a visit home to Wexford.

She said Simon was one of the employees kept on by Sola Lenses when in closed several years ago and had been working global as a technician visiting various sites.

In 2014, Simon and family left for Portland in Oregon where he became technical manager and was recently appointed general manager.

The couple's eldest son, Ashley, aged 22, works at ABS, while their youngest, Jack, aged 16, is at school on Portland.

Stephanie, who hails from Derereux Villas, said Portland had come as a bit of culture shock.

'We left 30 degrees of heat to come back to this,' she said, 'Oregon is a lot like Ireland'.

Simon has five brothers and a sister still living in Wexford: Gavin, Nigel, Damien, Chris, Adrian and Sherry.

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