Friday 24 January 2020

Gorey Property Lettings making all the right moves

‘One to watch’ Áine Kavanagh sits outside Gorey Property Lettings where she has been managing director of the company for 17 years.
‘One to watch’ Áine Kavanagh sits outside Gorey Property Lettings where she has been managing director of the company for 17 years.

Áine Kavanagh is from Castletown and set up her company Gorey Property Lettings in 2002 after returning home to county Wexford and since then it has gone from strength to strength, being profiled recently as 'one to watch' according to the popular business magazine, Business & Finance.

'It is a fantastic opportunity for Gorey Property Lettings to be featured in the magazine, it's not something that happens every day so we are all very proud and thrilled. It almost felt like a pat on the back to make it in and we've been getting lots of good wishes about it,' said Áine.

Gorey Property Lettings covers property services to the South East in places such as Gorey, Ferns, Enniscorthy, Camolin, Courtown, Arklow and Carnew.

'Gorey has been very good to me and being in Wexford now so long, 17 years, we have gone through the boom and the recession, and like many businesses, everyone struggled to stay afloat during those years. We got through it, we had to adjust things and make it sustainable,' said Áine.

Gorey Property Lettings has recently been approached to get involved in a merger with other agents, moving in to county Wicklow.

'That's under discussion at the moment but it would interest me,' said Áine.

Áine explained that she had an inner craving for becoming an entrepreneur, having spent time studying and working in Dublin as well as living in France.

'I came back to my home town to get married, and moving back I found it quite hard to source accommodation for myself, so that's when I hatched a plan. I had that desire within to become an entrepreneur and that was something I was sure about, but having lived in France gave me that drive, it made me tougher and stronger,' said Áine.

'I was full of ambition and determination then and that has stayed with me today,' she said.

Áine explained that despite members of her family having to leave Wexford for opportunities in education, that all have returned to the nest.

'I'm from a large family and we've all returned from Dublin after doing our term there, we are all heavily involved in the community which is so important,' she said.

Áine explained that the work-life balance has changed dramatically in Gorey, for clients as well as her own staff, as technology and remote working comes on stream.

'The rental market in Gorey has dramatically changed, the rental prices have gone way beyond what they were in the boom times. We are getting a huge volume of people from Dublin, Wicklow, Greystones to relocate in Gorey. I've really never met anyone who has relocated to Gorey and it hasn't worked for them. With companies allowing people to work from home a couple of days a week, that has helped people a lot. A lot of people I have dealt with work in the Hatch Lab and that has opened up doors for people,' said Áine.

Gorey Property Lettings has also embraced new technology to the work environment, recently installing a new more high tech property management software system.

'With new regulations, the old manual system had just gotten a little dated. We've invested in a much more efficient service that we can now offer our clients, whether they be landlords or hopeful tenants, all at the click of a button. Our job is to take away the hassle for our clients and the new system offers that,' said Áine.

As the demand for property to rent continues to surge, the database of Gorey Property Lettings is updated daily by staff.

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