Thursday 18 January 2018

Help for people experiencing debt

Nicky Rossiter of Wexford MABS
Nicky Rossiter of Wexford MABS

Over 80 house repossession cases were reported as listed in the courts last week in County Wexford.

Nicky Rossiter of Wexford MABS said that 'while County Wexford has a relatively low number of house repossession cases at present each case is traumatic for the family involved. Unfortunately many people leave it until the matter has reached the court stage to take action and it is after the first adjournment that they enter serious negotiations with lenders.

'There are a number of organisations nationally who offer various services at various costs in dealing with people in financial difficulties but surprisingly many people forget that there is an absolutely free service on offer nationwide with access in Wexford, New Ross and Enniscorthy.

'If you have difficulty making the contracted mortgage payments it is essential that the lender is informed of the reason. The next step is to gain entry to the MARP whereby any arrangement can be put on a formal footing.

'This will entail completing a Standard Financial Statement. While this is not rocket science it can appear daunting and for many people a number of the sections may not apply. If for any reason you feel that you need to complete the SFS but are not 100 per cent confident Wexford MABS will help to guide you through it at no cost.'

The service is available free and confidential with professional advisers for mortgage and other money worries.'In Wexford you can contact MABS on 0761 072780 or text 086-4535484 (for a call back) or e-mail

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