Monday 11 December 2017

High praise for Wexford Business Expo

By David tucker

The South East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) has praised Wexford Business Expo for its role in providing an ideal platform for entrepreneurs to pitch to investors.

The Expo, presented by Wexford Chamber and Wexford County Council, was once again home for South East BIC's Angels' Den, providing a live arena for local business owners to deliver live pitches to a panel of investors.

'Events like this demonstrate the strong entrepreneurial and investment culture in the region and in Ireland generally,' said South East BIC CEO Michael Maddock.

South East BIC hosted the Angels' Den through the Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN), which provided three south east based entrepreneurs with an opportunity to pitch to angel investors, and the companies generated considerable investor interest on the day.

They were:

* Relequa - which designs analytical hardware with supporting software for placement in manufacturing processes/QC testing and R&D laboratory benchtop instrumentation. It has developed a unique analysis tool for analysing moisture uptake and loss in materials in the pharma sector. The system has the potential to enter every pharmaceutical manufacturer as an in-process test, replacing current standard methods for water/moisture testing.

* TreyBro, based in Waterford, is a location-based social discovery application that enables gamers of similar interest to connect with one another. The greatest challenge is that people are playing games across multiple platforms such as Steam, Xbox Live and Sony PSN. It is very difficult to form persistent communities and more often than not gamers need to jump between groups of people that last only as long as the game's shelf-life. The TreyBro platform gives the power back to the gamer, allowing them to decide who they want to play with. It enables gamers build and manage their own personal communities as well as engaging with other thriving communities.

* Catalytic Burners - from Carlow has developed and designed a replacement for the traditional chafing dish used in the hospitality sector to heat food. Its patented solution (chafer and burner) is more energy efficient and cheaper than existing solutions on the market. The Castle Chafer utilises a high thermal conductor to eradicate the need for water by quickly spreading the heat evenly throughout the food pan. As the heat source can now be supplied through a small point, the remainder of the pan is insulated.

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