Tuesday 20 August 2019

IBEC welcomes South East technology university report

David Tucker

Ibec South East, the group that represents business in the region, has welcomed the findings of a Government commissioned report that the establishment of a Technology University for the South East is viable and can be delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

Ibec South East Regional President and General Manager Rosslare Europort John Lynch said: 'The report has concluded that there is there is no obvious reason why a Waterford and Carlow institutes of technology consortium can't apply for technological university status within three years. We sincerely hope the planning for this can proceed without further delay.

'This is a detailed and well-researched report which demonstrates that the region has considerable potential to develop, but also highlights areas of particular need in terms of educational attainment, unemployment and development of the enterprise sector.'

Mr. Lynch said businesses fully supports the report's key finding that we need an entirely new institution, drawing on the strengths of both existing institutions, but also adding further capacity across the region. 'This will only be achieved with considerable set-up investment, if the expected dividend in quality outcomes is to be realised.'

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