Sunday 20 October 2019

Innovate employees dump three-hour daily drive to work locally

Senior Engineer Gordon Jones and Chief Marketing Officer Mia O’Loughlin of Innovate, Gorey
Senior Engineer Gordon Jones and Chief Marketing Officer Mia O’Loughlin of Innovate, Gorey

Gorey-based company Innovate is set to double the size of its workforce thanks to the pioneering concept of 'decommuting'.

Decommuting is part of a drive which will turn the lives of its employees around as they abandon the three-hour daily commute to Dublin to work in a tech hub based in Wexford.

Innovate will see the company double its 40-strong workforce over the next three years.

As a result, some of their employees are even travelling from south Dublin as they prefer the stress-free empty roads rather than the slow-moving traffic they experience on a daily basis.

The company advertised on roadsides, asking commuters travelling from Dublin to Wexford why they were punishing themselves with hours on the road when they could be working in a growing local company near home.

They came up with this idea to hire talented local individuals that were driving up the road every day.

Chief Marketing Officer for Innovate Mia O'Loughlin, originally from Gorey, said when people are commuting they just sleep in Gorey and are not necessarily hearing about companies like Innovate in Gorey.

'We put a big sign on a container on the side of the road on the motorway,' added Mia.

As a result of decommuting, the company has allowed 40-year old Gordon Jones from Gorey to turn his life around after a daily commute was literally making him sick.

'I can have breakfast with the kids now,' said Gordon. 'In the seven years I was commuting to Dublin I don't think the kids ever saw me eat breakfast.'

Innovate provide managed IT and professional solutions in the areas of networking, security, communications and networking.

They are strategic partners of Cisco, Microsoft and IBM and work with household names such as Lifestyle Sports, Campus Oil, Barnardos, and DCC plc.

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