Friday 13 December 2019

Local business owners network at BNI meeting

Brigid Crean, Lorna Swan and Nicola Brady
Brigid Crean, Lorna Swan and Nicola Brady

Simon Bourke

An open evening for Wexford business people has been held in the Ferrycarrig Hotel. Hosted by the BNI (Business Network International) Wexford Menapia Chapter the event was an opportunity for business owners to network with like-minded individuals and introduce themselves to potential clients.

The Open Evening began with 'Open Networking' and Aoife Caulfield, President of the Menapia Chapter, officially welcomed everyone to the evening.

Throughout the night, members of BNI spoke to the audience about the current issues facing businesses in the region.

Denise Whitmore of the Social Media Department gave tips on how to use social media more effectively. James Ffrench, Chartered Accountant, gave helpful advice to the room on how to reduce your tax bill for your business.

Eithne Fitzpatrick, Chartered Physio Therapist, gave advice on posture and how to move more during your day at work to improve your physical wellbeing, and Sheila Bent of Lifeinsync provided insight on how to improve your wellbeing and how to take time out for yourself to improve your work/life balance.

Gary Morris, founder member of the Chapter explained how BNI works and how helpful it has been to him and his business to be a member of the organisation.

Chapter President Aoife Caulfield of Caulfield Financial Ltd said, 'Being a member of BNI has helped my business to grow enormously and we would like to help more Wexford Businesses to share in the growth of our Chapter.

'We have generated over €500,000 in less than six months, and that's quite an achievement for local businesses and keeps business local.'

BNI Wexford is comprised of 19 members from the Wexford region and its surrounding areas, each making an invaluable contribution to its growth, not only as a group, but in helping their own business grow.

Every Thursday morning at 7 a.m. in the Ferrycarrig Hotel, Wexford, this group of business owners meet to discuss how they can generate business for themselves.

There is a fun element to these meetings as members get to know each other and build relationships, however, the main focus is to increase business for themselves and in essence create a shop window where each business owner gets an opportunity to showcase their product. Each chapter in each region has its own name and the Wexford Group are called the Menapia Chapter.

If you would like to register to attend, please email Aoife Caulfield at: or give her a call on 087-0993918.

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