Friday 6 December 2019

Local companies take part in national conference

Chef JP McMahon, Margaret Jeffares, TG4’s weather girl Cáitlín Nic Aoidh
Chef JP McMahon, Margaret Jeffares, TG4’s weather girl Cáitlín Nic Aoidh

Esther Hayden

Wexford based members of Good Food Ireland will have the opportunity to take part in TourRoir, a global forum on food tourism and culture.

The conference will take place in Galway on April 23 and April 24.

A Good Food Ireland event, TourRoir will be hosted in the National University of Ireland Galway to coincide with Galway's designation as European Region of Gastronomy. This event will be of great benefit to Wexford based food producers, farmers, hospitality and cultural businesses and indeed anybody interested in our indigenous food, cultural & tourism industry, with an opportunity to learn from a panel of key international experts and industry specialists.

Food companies including Wexford Home Preserves, Ballycross Apple Farm Juice and Killowen Farm Yogurt will have the opportunity to be part of this major global forum. It's also a significant opportunity for similar businesses and organizations across Wexford to get involved in this highly emotive forum alongside international ground breaking leaders in food, tourism and cultural sectors, which aims to strengthen ties between the increasingly cross dependent sectors.

Margaret Jeffares, Founder and Managing Director, Good Food Ireland said: 'Food, Tourism and Culture represent giant industries in their own right and combined, account for the lion's share of global employment, while their cross-sector effect on businesses and communities and their economies and social fabric is hugely significant.

'Consumers search for authenticity and truth in terms of product, service and experience will have a major focus on the touRRoir18 theme 'A Unified Force for Good: Food Tourism and Culture'. The quest for authenticity combined with a growing awareness of our increasingly fragile physical and socio-political environments and increasing concern of the long term effects of technology disruption is raising major policy questions at the highest levels particularly in these three major economic sectors - Food, Tourism and Culture.'

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