Wednesday 16 October 2019

Magnet targeting Wexford businesses with new broadband service

David tucker

Cloud telecoms provider Magnet has announced that from this month it can provide firms throughout Wexford with ultra-high speed broadband of up to 350MBps.

Magnet says the ground-breaking development is a major boost to the region's prospects of becoming a hub for high-tech sectors promising rapid job creation.

Magnet is the only telecoms provider in Ireland to offer broadband this fast using DSL technology to businesses. At 350Mbps, its fibre broadband is almost 50 per cent greater than the fastest currently available (UPC's 240Mbps).

Magnet says it will benefit firms in the financial technology, media, gaming, big data and other sectors where vast amounts of data need to be transmitted at ever higher speeds.

These are high-growth potential areas which the region has been unable to fully exploit up to now.

'We are removing a long-standing infrastructural barrier to the development of the Wexford region as a hub for high-tech firms,' said Mark Kellett, Chief Executive of Magnet.

'Without the ultra-high speed connectivity, accessible to all, which we are providing, this can only ever be a pipedream. This investment, in tandem with other developments, can pave the way for the development of an advanced technological ecosystem in the region, as has happened elsewhere.'

Magnet's Business Fibre 350 broadband has an upload speed of up to 80Mbps, which is four times faster upload speeds than Eircom's eFibre.

Not only is it the fastest but it is totally uncongested and has no usage cap.

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