Friday 17 January 2020

Memorial stationery off to a good start

Cathy Lee

New Gorey business 'Remember Me' sees local graphic designer Mary McGarry in her first solo business venture, creating and crafting memorial stationery, which is available to purchase online for families and loved ones following bereavement.

'The jobs that are involved in planning a funeral are very wearing and difficult. I wanted to make the process of those jobs a bit easier, and bring some comfort to families,' said Mary McGarry, who began with just making memorial cards for friends and is now looking to future expansion.

Mary is from Courtown originally but lives in Gorey with her three boys, and although she is working from home she said that it is not always easy.

'It's early days yet, I'm learning as I go but there is a challenge in juggling both family life while trying to get the word out there,' said Mary.

Having worked in the business of graphic design for fifteen years and as a freelancer, it was not until after she had experienced a couple of her own bereavements that she realised there was an opening for something like this.

'After losing some people close to me, I'd go searching for appropriate memorial cards, something simple and stylish, not necessarily religious, and I just couldn't find anything,' said Mary.

Mary explained that she wanted to give people the opportunity to be able to pick their own memorial stationery style, as she see these post-funeral tasks as an important part of the grieving process.

'It's a piece of print that honours the person's life, it's something that you'll keep forever as it is the final thing you'll have of the person,' said Mary.

On the website, Mary has a range of different design styles of cards, and those interested can select their own images or poems and input their own text, to make it really personal to them.

Mary is also using high quality finish luxury laid paper, and all cards a proofed for approval before they are sent.

'The response has been really good. People are looking for something unusual, and it's nice for the families to have a tribute in this way to the person that they've lost,' said Mary.

'There's nothing else available like this, so I'm hoping to start up locally and so far so good,' said Mary.

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