Wednesday 22 November 2017

New company with French connection

Audrey Montelimard.
Audrey Montelimard.

A French woman has opened a new Wexford-based branding agency aimed at helping Irish companies to sell their products and services in France, an increasingly appealing scenario because of the uncertainties created by Brexit.

Audrey Montelimard says her company 'Pardon My French' is where marketing, online marketing, grapphic design and 'elegance work closely together.'

'We help them with their branding or re-branding, their marketing strategy, their brand name, their storytelling, their visual identity, their websites, their brochures, and so on,' she said.

Audrey says 'Pardon My French' also helps Irish companies to communicate with their French partners and to translate their offers into French.

She says France is a big market of 66.6 million inhabitants, 'many of whom like eating and drinking'.

'The French prefer the quality products: branded products. French consumers prefer carefully packaged, creative and appealing goods. French consumers also have a high consumption of entertainment goods, culture and gifts,' she said.

Audrey said Ireland was a very good place from which to do business elsewhere in the European Union and particularly with France, with which it had had cordial relations dating back many years.

Aged 37, she says she is a marketing consultant, an advertisement project manager, an independent artistic director and a graphic designer specialising in high-end communication. You can read more about Audrey's company at

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