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Secondary school teacher Kieran was afraid he wouldn't see his sons grow up

Kieran Kinsella, before and after losing eight and a half stone.
Kieran Kinsella, before and after losing eight and a half stone.
Kieran Kinsella, before and after losing 8.5 stone.
Kieran Kinsella, before losing 8.5 stone.

By Esther Hayden

Kieran Kinsella from Enniscorthy is turning his own weight loss journey into a business to help others.

Kieran, a secondary school teacher by profession, piled on weight after the death of his two brothers just 18 months apart and weighed in at over 26 stone. However he had the constant fear that his weight could lead him to an early grave leaving his wife Breda to rear their two young boys alone.

So on July 23, 2014 he joined his local Slimming World group.

'Having tried fad diets I completely ruled out eating pasta, rice and potatoes and never in my wildest dreams did I think that by actually eating these particular foods combined with others and cooking them a little differently, I'd lose 8 & a half stone. In my very first week I lost 12 & half pounds and within my first month I'd lost just over 2 stone.

'I found a passion for cooking again (which I always loved before) and started to notice a difference in myself within weeks. I was still eating all my favourite foods, just a much healthier version such as 'Pasta Carbonara, Chicken Curry, Beef Lasagne and juicy Steaks with Slimming World Chips, boiled rice and scrumptious fresh vegetables', and each week I was losing weight. 'I literally ate myself thin.''

With his new found passion for Slimming World and Food Optimising Kieran decided to set up his own Slimming World group to educate others on how they too can lose weight in a healthy and controlled way. Kieran will be opening his brand new Slimming World group this Saturday, July 11, at 10.30am and 12.30psm in The Presentation Centre, Nunnery Road, Enniscorthy or alternatively contact Kieran on 0868496642 or find him on Facebook - KK's Slimming World Enniscorthy.

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