Monday 16 September 2019

Staff training in Wexford increased by 16 per cent in 2015 according to new Skillsnet report

BY Amy Lewis

The number of business in Wexford prioritising staff training increased by 16 per cent in 2015 according to a new Skillsnet report.

In agency's recently released annual report for 2015, it was revealed that the number of businesses in Wexford accessing Skillnets supported training grew by 16 per cent in 2015, with 306 business investing in their staff across a wide range of sectors.

Figures show that 581 trainees in Wexford availed of 3,562 training days delivered to businesses during 2015. Nationally, 85 percent of the businesses that benefited from investment in training through Skillnets in 2015 were SMEs, with 250 staff or under.

Skillsnet Chairman Brendan McGinty said that as businesses strive to come out on top in the competitive marketplace, many are looking inwards to develop existing resources to meet their growth objectives.

'Behind the country's pattern of economic growth during 2015, thousands of Irish and foreign-owned businesses have expanded to meet increased demand by investing in their workforce. A renewed focus on lifelong learning is also fast becoming a priority for employers as a key tool for retaining staff,' he said.

'During 2015, Skillnets member businesses invested €11.7 m towards programmes, with Skillnets investing a further €13.9 m, totalling €25.6 m investment in training for enterprise. By investing in subsidised training through Skillnets and developing their people, employers can harness the power of their existing internal resources to improve both the capability and competiveness of the organisation.'

Skillsnet is the national agency responsible for funding and supporting training networks. While the agency's core mandate is focused on the provision of training to individuals who are in employment, it also provided valuable supports to 6,695 job-seekers who undertook 60,419 training days in 2015. Fifty-three percent of these trainees were long-term unemployed and 2,721 job-seekers undertook Skillnets' Job-seekers Support Programme, which facilitates participation in industry training along with focused work placement programmes.

Skillsnet currently operates a range of training courses in Wexford including a food hygiene management programme, a lean business programme, business growth and health and safety construction courses. They take place in the Wexford Chamber offices, Clayton WHites Hotel and other central venues and tend to run over a period of several weeks.

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