Monday 14 October 2019

Tourism lift-off with 'Wex Appeal' article in Aer Lingus Cara magazine

Tintern Abbey is one of the destinations recommended
Tintern Abbey is one of the destinations recommended

COUNTY Wexford has received great exposure in a six-page article in Cara, the Aer Lingus travel magazine, which is seen by tens of thousands of people on flights across the world.

Entitled 'Wex Appeal', the article features stunning photographs taken around the south of the county, offering some wonderful tasters to whet the appetites of would be visitors.

A colourful map is included showing highlights including Tintern Abbey, Hook Peninsula, The Bullring in Wexford and JFK Homestead, among other big attractions.

There are tips about where to stay and eat, while strawberries get an obligatory mention.

The diversity of the south of the county is celebrated along with 'its smorgasbord interloping genes and unusal place names'.

The Hook Peninsula comes in for recommendation for a day trip, while Wexford Festival Opera, Wexford Fringe Festival, Johnstown Castle and JFK Homestead all get a mention, along with top places to enjoy food and a drink.

The article also delves deeper into the south of the county, focussing on attractions in Wellingtonbridge, Bridgetown, Saltmills, Duncannon and Great Island. Visitors are invited to take a detour for Saltmills to take in the forlorn wreck of the Port Láirge, which is described as being older than the Titanic and the last working steamship in the country.

Bracing walks along the coast at Carnivan, the scary mansion of Loftus Hall and Hook Lighthouse all get a look in, in this feature spread on the sunniest part of Ireland. With tens of thousands of copies issued, who knows how far this exposure will travel and who it will bring to our shores, but the magazine has served the area well.

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