Sunday 21 January 2018

Wexford MABS staff will attend home repossession court cases

By Esther Hayden

Wexford MABS have said it will try to attend court sessions where home repossession cases are being heard.

The service has made the decision despite already straightened resources in a bid to help people faced with the frightening prospect of losing their home.

Nicky Rossiter of Wexford MABS said 'we are acutely aware of the trauma that debt - one of the great taboos of the 21st century - can cause from years of dealing with those having money problems. We are also aware that even the act of talking it over with a third party gives tremendous relief as countless clients have recounted.

'A professionally qualified member of the Wexford MABS staff will be in attendance to discuss their situation with anyone attending such courts. The adviser cannot represent the person but will offer assistance and support in efforts to devise a payment plan to be put to the lender.

'Many of those called to attend such sessions are there through a failure for whatever reason to engage with the lender and in a lot of cases there will be an adjournment to try to develop a feasible plan.

'Wexford MABS has almost 20 years experience in dealing with debts of all types including mortgages and uses a holistic approach that is empathetic while looking realistically at each individual situation.

'Attendance at court can be a daunting prospect even for a spectator but it is very important to attend if your home is at risk because without your input the lender and the court is not aware of any change in circumstances causing the problem.

'The government and others are developing various strategies for dealing with mortgage arrears but MABS is here on the ground already with over two decades of experience and offers a free, confidential, local and very professional service. All you need do is ask.

'The Money Advisers will be available with Wexford MABS badge so look out for them and engage.'

Wexford MABS is a professional, sympathetic, confidential and absolutely free service.

In Wexford you can contact MABS on 0761 072780 or text 086-4535484 (for a call back) or e-mail

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