Wednesday 17 January 2018

WIT offering training to youth workers and their managers

By David tucker

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), with its track record in delivering courses on facilitation skills for promoting health and wellbeing, is offering training to youth workers, who are being empowered to empower the young people with whom they work.

With the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) and the Mens Development Network (MDN), the Centre for Health Behaviour Research WIT is working on a research project that is exploring the impact the 'Facilitation Skills for Health and Wellbeing' training has on youth workers and their organisations across eight organisations nationwide including Wexford's FDYS.

This project is jointly funded by the National Office for Suicide Preventions and Health Promotion and Improvement, Health and Wellbeing Division within the HSE.

'Training in the areas of soft skill development such as communication, interpersonal skills and leadership is essential when working with young people.

'These skills are fundamental in developing rapport and trust which ultimately enables the work to happen with young people,' said Dr Paula Carroll, one of the research project supervisors and lecturer with the Department of Health Sport and Exercise Science at WIT.

'The training model is supportive on a number of levels. Youth workers attend with a colleague from their centre, training is also offered to managers and the whole staff so that the learnings can be integrated into practice within the organisation.'

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