Sunday 21 January 2018

World renowned masseur Gale brings Thai masterclass to Monart Spa mats

Matthew Gale.
Matthew Gale.

AN internationally in-demand masseur is hosting a four week residency at the five-star Monart Destination Spa until July 7.

Alaskan massesur Matthew Gale has been practicing Thai massage for more than 20 years.

Along with treating clients at his base in Sri Lanka he is in demand at prestigious spa residences worldwide.

Gale is the latest global expert to arrive and share his knowledge at Monart Destination Spa which has hosted Shaolin Masters, skincare and fitness experts, alongside their own team of dedicated spa experts.

Traditional Thai massage has been practiced in its current form for at least 1,000 years but its roots go back much further.

Its origins stem from Chinese, Indian and Japanese styles which have been practised for more than 4,000 years.

Thai massage is carried out on a firm mat directly on the floor, fully clothed and without the use of oil.

With gentle to firm twists and pulls all of the body's joints the muscles are massaged so that after the treatment the body feels completely stretched, fluid and light.

This massage is perfect for those who spend much time on their feet all day, those who drive or fly, or anyone participating in strenuous exercise.

A one and a half hour treatment with Gale is €130 for Monart Spa residents including thermal spa. A non residents package is available for €165 Monday's to Thursday's.

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