Monday 20 January 2020

Crescent incomplete after nine months

Ongoing work at Crescent Quay yesterday (Monday)
Ongoing work at Crescent Quay yesterday (Monday)

Pádraig Byrne

Disappointment has been expressed that the long-running public realm works at Crescent Quay will not be completed in time for the annual fireworks display to open Wexford Festival Opera tonight (Tuesday).

With the eyes of the country looking towards Wexford for the festival opening, it was hoped that it would provide the ideal opportunity to show off the new look Crescent Quay.

A source of heated debate at bar counters around the county as well as on social media, work began on upgrading the Crescent back in January of this year. With the concerns of the public regarding the width of the road constantly ringing in their ears, engineers stated that the project had hit a number of snags which caused delays. While the work was initially due to be completed by late July or early August, initial delays were blamed on the 'complexity of services that are located beneath the ground in the Crescent area'.

Following the discovery of some complications while digging, the time-frame for the completion of the work was put back until September and then early October, with all indications that it would be ready in time for the busy festival season.

However, once again, this target has not been met and Mayor George Lawlor has stated that works on the Crescent are to cease for the duration of the festival.

While the majority of the work on the roadside has been completed, there are still significant parts of the walkway around the Crescent that require quite a bit of attention and will be fenced off for the duration of the festival.

'I'm told that the complexity of the work, the angles we're dealing with etc, means that it's very time consuming,' the Mayor said. 'Obviously it's a source of disappointment that it won't be ready in time for the festival. I had been assured it would be ready for September and obviously that's not the case. At this stage there's nothing we can do but grin and bear it.'

'I've no doubt that when the job is complete, it will be an excellent addition to the town,' Cllr Lawlor continued. 'As I've said before, hopefully when it's finished people will admire the work done and talk about how fine the area looks, rather than how long it took.'

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