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Gladys Kloss from Coolballow had a generous and loving nature

The late Margaret Gladys Kloss.
The late Margaret Gladys Kloss.

margaret Gladys Kloss (nee Walsh), from Coolballow, died unexpectedly in Tallaght General Hospital relatively unexpectedly in the presence of her husband Ken and her daughter Naomi.

Throughout the course of her life, she defeated a variety of unfortunate, life-threatening illnesses ranging from lymphoma, heart failure to necrosis.

She harnessed the power of the Christian faith with a positive mind-set to enable her to think beyond her condition. In every situation, she harnessed the power of the Christian faith coupled with a positive mind-set to enable her to think beyond her conditions.

In every situation, she showed courage, determination, a generous and loving nature and an eternal spirit of optimism. She had a keen and inquiring interest in her own health care and her love for life was truly inspirational. Creativity and love were core aspects of her life.

She had an ability to look beyond her many illnesses and was particularly attuned to the Word of God as a means by which she could overcome them.

Gladys, as she was affectionately known by her friends and family, had a deep and inspiring faith in God. She was born in Wexford on May 24, 1938, and lived with her family on Forth Mountain, Barntown.

After that she worked in the UK, where she met and married Ken.

She taught English and Religion for many years at secondary level, most notably in St Anne's Grammar School, in Southampton. She also taught foreign students in the Summer School and was co-ordinator of the Girl Guides, in Kent, England. She was also a primary teacher.

On returning to Ireland, she worked for many years on the parish council and other committees in Wexford She was a Minister of the Word in Bride Street Church for many years. She was passionate about the involvement of the laity in the church structure and was committed to Vatican II.

Gladys was a member of the British Association of Counsellors (BAC) and a member of the Dyslexia Association of Ireland and tutored for the association in the CBS school in Wexford on Wednesday evening.

She also taught many of the asylum seekers who came to Wexford in St John's Road Primary School.

Throughout her life Gladys was an avid reader. Her home was stacked with books on a diverse range of subjects. She believed in the importance of life long learning and had a particular love of the English language.

For her, education was, in essence, the empowerment of individuals.

Actively, she aimed to support her students enabling them to develop a belief in themselves and in their true potential.

Towards the end of her life, she developed a new skill in art and painting and a love of gardening. She also had a wonderful love for many cats and dogs.

Gladys will be very sadly missed by her husband, Ken, and daughter, Naomi, not to mention other family members and friends.

Gracious God keep Gladys in your everlasting light.

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