Friday 20 September 2019

Bree's Anna loved spending time with her family

The late Anna Walsh.
The late Anna Walsh.
The late Anna Walsh.

Anna Walsh (Nee Quirke) of Bree and formerly of Crosstown passed away peacefully at her daughter Sandra's home on Sunday, January 11, after an illness she fought with great strength and courage.

Anna was the wife of the late Willie Walsh and is survived by eight of her nine children: Theresa, Jimmy, Simon, Billy, Sandra, Ben, Charles and Annette. Her youngest daughter, Kate died as an infant, leaving Anna heartbroken.

Anna was the youngest daughter of the late Simon and Bridget Quirkeand and is survived by four of her five siblings: Kathleen, Beth, Nell and Aidan. Her brother, Nick is deceased and buried in Australia.

Anna's biggest love was her family and she enjoyed nothing more than spending time with them. It's fair to say that she was truly at her happiest at home with Willie and their children, she has always been the back bone that has kept this very close family together. Anna didn't need much outside of this as her three sisters were her best friends.

After the birth of her daughter, Kate in the early 1980s, Anna with the support of her sister, Kathleen and a group of parents whose children were born with similar conditions to Kate helped to set up St Clare's Day Care Centre.

Anna was a very keen gardener and she has passed on not just these skills but also her very valuable recipe for her prize winning brown bread!

Anna provided a very loving and nurturing home for her family and will be sadly missed by all.

Rest In Peace.

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