Monday 24 June 2019

Sheila was a very sociable lady who loved her style and had a kind word for everyone

The late Sheila McCarth.
The late Sheila McCarth.

Drinagh woman Sheila McCarth was a sociable woman who lived a full and happy life.

Sheila (nee Codd) formerly of Jacketstown, Drinagh died recently in the care of the staff of Kerlogue Nursing Home where she had spent the past 13 years.

The wife of the late Sean Sheila took to life in Kerlogue with gusto and, director of nursing Maureen O'Sullivan, penned a fitting appreciation to her.

Sheila arrived to Kerlogue nursing home in May 2003 over a year after the home opened, following a personal medical event. Her mobility was restricted but Sheila never complained or never questioned 'Why Her?' She bore her condition with great dignity, which was greatly enhanced with her self-propelled chair.

Sheila enjoyed a wonderful life style for the last 12 years. She actively supported all her co residents and relatives, her main pride of place was within a view of the front door where she greeted everyone entering the home.

Sheila was a very sociable lady who loved talking to people, and it did not matter whether she knew them or not, after one visit, she initiated a solid friendship that lasted for years.

She lived in the moment and reported her loved to each staff member daily as she greeted them. We will miss her loving greetings.

Sheila knew all the staff, their families and their interests and she always engaged and enquired about their latest update. She celebrated our birthdays, hen nights, wedding days, birth of our children, new cars, houses, children's exam results, college place etc.

Sheila had several interests which she enjoyed weekly especially bingo with Margaret and would ensure it happened in a quiet setting. She would be thrilled when she got a full house, picking the prize when she won was the highlight of her week.

Sheila also enjoyed playing cards with co residents. She had her own club where raised voices were often heard when there was a dispute about tricks, but next game would always start with fresh enthusiasm and good banter.

She looked forward to the weekly music sessions with Nick, Stephen and Michael and always joined in their sessions. In later years she would join in the singing not to be outdone by new residents singing their favourite songs.

Sheila was very content joining co residents on outings tot local interests with staff and always thanked everyone for assisting her and maintaining her well being.

She was an advocate for co residents. She was a wonderful communicator and she never complained. Sheila was actively involved in counselling relatives and participated in all reposing ceremonies in our oratory and she joined staff in saying farewell to all residents over the last 12 years.

Sheila loved to dress well in matching clothes and always wore a brooch on her left chest and always had her hair done on a Friday with Mary.

Sheila maintained her well being by her interest in her chosen activities, her avid knowledge of staff, her extrovert personality, her ability to manage her condition with great dignity, her daily gratitude to staff and regular visits from her favourite nephews and nieces, Frank, John and Mary.

Sheila only request to staff was that we give her a good 'send off' when she died. Sheila made this request years ago and repeated it as late as early last week. We are respecting her wish. Management and staff paid their respects to Sheila while she reposed in our Oratory. We formed a guard of honour to the entrance of the nursing home to say our final farewell to Sheila. We will miss you Sheila you were a unique, strong and kind lady.

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