Wednesday 23 October 2019

5 things


Ray D'arcy finds himself in hot water with the Communications Office of the Irish Bishops after saying that 'the Catholic Church, in many ways, has f****d up this country'. Sometimes it's not what you say but how you say it, I suppose.

Harry Redknapp's Spurs tumble from one disastrous result to another and the debate over him being the right man to manage England begins; further proof that in sport you really are only as good as your last result.

Social Welfare inspectors will have the power to access bank accounts of people on the dole without their consent under the terms of a new bill which comes before the Dáil next week. Big Brother flexes his muscles that little bit more.

Snooker hero Ken Doherty returns to the Crucible but bows out to former world champion Neil Robertson; great to see our own former champion back in action at the greatest snooker competition on Earth, albeit briefly.

If you are planning an Irish picnic for the family bring sun cream to protect you from the sun's glaring rays, wellingtons for the mud, a baseball bat to beat off the hailstones and a warm coat in case of snow. Our weather continues to defy prediction.

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