Sunday 18 August 2019

5 things


THE GOOD WOMAN makes me a nice cup of tea and tempts me to join her to watch an episode of Downton Abbey.

I actually really enjoyed it and feel we need to see more of the nastier side to Mister Bates. He has the makings of a good baddie. SLOVAKIAN OFFICIALS reject the results of an internet campaign to name a new pedestrian bridge after action hero, Chuck Norris. Instead they opted for the Freedom Cycling Bridge. In time, I reckon they will be more than satisfied that they did the right thing. THE IRISH SKIES come alive with meteor showers and massive fireballs zooming past the planets. It has been quite a year for night-sky displays, the only difficulty is being fortunate enough to catch sight of one of them. ABOUT 2,200 people in Ireland are starting up new businesses in Ireland every month - good news and hats off to anyone that comes up with an idea and makes it a financial success. It's no easy feat these days. KELSEY GRAMMAR walks off the studio of Piers Morgan's US TV Show after the producers showed a picture of the actor's ex-wife Camille at the start of the program. The walkoff is growing in popularity as a 'must-have accessory' on the CVs of the stars - and a real ratings booster.

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