Wednesday 16 October 2019


? Simon Cowell lets us in on a secret - he and Dannii Minogue had a fling while working together on the X Factor. Cowell continues to think up ways to make the front pages, of Sunday newspapers and his presence there, of course, will do the ratings for Britain's Got Talent no harm whatsoever.

■ Film director Ridley Scott says that Hollywood has exhausted the science-fiction genre and he is right. Hollywood films have been remakes, sequels or mind-numbingly poor comedies for too long and the likes of Scott need to start exciting audiences again, if the cinema industry is to continue to thrive.

■ Four children are taken to hospital in Belfast after they came into contact with syringes in a play area. Not enough is done to protect public playgrounds from the less conscientious members of society – big tall fences with a gate that gets locked at night could be a way forward.

■ Helen Worth (Gail from Coronation Street) is to tie the knot in real life. Let's hope she has better taste in men than her alter-ego, she's had some run of them.

■ An Taoiseach Enda Kenny says that householders will have to pay for their water meters, but not installation; the household tax protesters are going to love this one.

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