Tuesday 20 August 2019

A child's first disco has me getting almost as excited as the girl herself

Justine O'mahony

IT WAS the dawning of a new era this week, a major milestone in our lives that left me feeling nostalgic, believe it or not, longing for the days when I was still changing nappies and making bottles. Nostalgic for the days when my children were still young enough to look at me like I was the greatest thing since Peppa Pig. Now they're more likely to tell me I eat like a pig!

The six-year-old attended her first disco! Ok so it wasn't the late bar kind that serve jagerbombs and bottles of Wicked to drunken young wans in belts of skirts but still it was a disco. There was a dj and disco lights and music and a mineral bar.

And there were boys! Lots of little boys with gelled up Jedward hair and skinny jeans, prowling around the edges of the disco floor warily eyeing up little ones no bigger than a six pence in sun dresses and lelli kellies.

My one spent the entire evening preparing for this big event.The outfit was chosen with great care - white dress with yellow daisies on it and a daisy for her hair. Fingers and toes were painted and make up applied (lip balm with sparkles) and perfume sprayed liberally.

Her cousins arrived and the excitement was palpable. Pictures were taken of the three little beauties aged six, seven and four as they got ready to hit the dancefloor.

'God this brings back memories,' said the proud grandad as he reminded me of how I used to take all day to get ready for the kids disco too.

We piled into the car and drove to the hotel where a queue of children high on anticipation were running riot outside the door. "I need a drink," says Granny already envisaging the mayhem that would ensue inside. And it was mayhem. But wonderful mayhem.

The six year old was on the dance floor shaking her booty as soon as the first strains of "Call me Maybe" came on. The fact that nobody else was on the dancefloor didn't bother her, It gave her more room to strut her stuff! 'Are you going to dance with any boys?' I joked with her. 'Not right now.....maybe later' she replied before tossing her hair and boogie-ing off towards the dance floor.

As the opening bars of S Club Seven's "Reach for the Stars" came on, I couldn't resist and jumped up to join her. She looked on in horror as I started to do the actions and pleaded, "Muuuum! don't!" So that's it. My baby is growing up. She doesn't think I'm the most beautiful mummy in the world anymore or that I am perfect in every way. She thinks I'm one to be kept at a safe distance in social settings in case I embarrass her.

Soon she will discover boys, then she'll want to wear makeup and go to proper discos (are they even called discos anymore?) and then I will become obsolete. I can only hope she doesn't turn into a mini me. The thoughts of it makes me want to start saying novenas!!

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