Friday 15 December 2017

A masterpiece of jaw-droppingly huge proportions

By Chris Hayes - GAme Review

Titanfall 2 campaign is incredible fun, running on for an impressive ten-or-so hours of gameplay.
Titanfall 2 campaign is incredible fun, running on for an impressive ten-or-so hours of gameplay.

The feeling of being dwarfed by surroundings so incomprehensibly massive is like none other you will experience in a video game.

Shadow of the Collossus, God of War and the Mass Effect series are all masterpieces renowned for their ability to impart a mind-boggling sense of vastness in the environment by juxtaposing the player and their immediate surroundings against backdrops of titanic structures and alien landscapes of leviathan proportions.

Titanfall 2 can now count itself among the ranks of titles that have provided this spectacular sense of wonder. Titanfall 2 is an absolutely immense game, both in setting and content.

While Titanfall 2 could be considered a 'linear' experience in the tradition sense that it isn't 'open world', it is not a word I would use to truly describe this game.

From the first level you'll find yourself hopping from clifftop to clifftop, racing across a vertical rock-face, using your sheer speed and vertical mobility to even the odds against large groups of enemies.

By an hour or two in you'll be tackling the kind of first-person platforming challenges you'd expect to see in a Mirror's Edge or Portal, pulling off glorious chains of fluid jumps and runs to get you from one side of a vast manufacturing plant to another. It's truly exhilarating stuff.

One of the major gripes that I had with the original Titanfall was that the single-player campaign felt like a story with so much potential waiting to be explored, but ultimately fell short of the mark in execution.

Any doubts that I had about the Titanfall 2 campaign were dispelled within the first ten minutes. It truly is an incredibly fun campaign that runs on for an impressive ten-or-so hours of gameplay.

Titanfall 2's multiplayer is the kind of online adrenaline hit that is surely going to spawn a rabid following among the more trigger-happy gamers among us. Multple game modes, an insane depth of customisation and a more balanced set of abilities between the soldiers and titans makes for a visciously fast-paced but very accesible experience.

Titanfall 2 is, simply put, a jaw-droppingly huge game. More cynical gamers may find fault in the pretty predictable character development, but I couldn't recommend this game more. A masterpiece from Respawn Entertainment.


Titanfall 2

PC / Xbox One

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