Sunday 15 December 2019

A spectacular and wild ride from start to finish

Devil May Cry 5 (Playstation 4/Xbox One/Microsoft Windows): 10/10

If you like action games, you will like Devil May Cry 5.
If you like action games, you will like Devil May Cry 5.

Chris Hayes - Game Review

From its beginning, the Devil May Cry series always seemed to be shrouded in an aura of mystery and intrigue, somewhat intangible qualities that Japanese developers of the time were capable of imparting to their titles with a mastery that western studios never quite grasped.

From the twisted marionnettes and inscrutable horrors of the Devil May Cry games, to the always obfuscated but never objectionable battle systems of the Final Fantasy series, developers such as Capcom, Square Enix and Konami were the champions of a style of video game experience that felt cool and alluring where others just felt corny.

Devil May Cry indeed. If you think the name of the series is grandiose, just wait until you play the new one. Devil May Cry 5 is a spectacular and wild ride from start to finish. Everything good about the series, and indeed, that beautiful golden age of Japanese game development is condensed and distilled into this gloriously gory jaunt through what might well be the greatest action game ever released.

The latest instalment to the venerable Devil May Cry has you play as three separate characters, mainstays Dante and Nero, and a new and very curious character simply known as V. Unlike, say, Grand Theft Auto V, which has you play as three distinct yet functionally identical characters,

Devil May Cry 5's trio are utterly novel in their respective playstyles. The most novel of all is V, who's style of combat is so unique that he doesn't really fight at all, instead summoning demonic familiars to break down his foes, and only joining the combat himself to deal the final blow. V's playstyle is unusual and difficult at first, but you may find yourself enjoying the departure more and more as you get to grips with him.

The sheer snappiness of the combat will be familiar to anybody who has played a Devil May Cry game, but even hardcore fans of the series will likely be taken aback by just how responsive and satisfying the combat mechanics are in this latest iteration.

From the graphics, to the astoundingly good boss fights, to the slightly confusing but nonetheless terrific story - there really isn't anything bad to say about this game. Capcom have continued their meteoric rise back to prominence with what is very nearly a perfect game. If you like action games, you will like this. There isn't anything more to say.

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