Saturday 21 September 2019

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for many conditions

ACUPUNCTURE is part of a system of holistic medicine which has a long history of well documented clinical use.

Originating in China, where early texts have recorded effective natural treatments for a wide range of disorders over 3000 years. The World Health Organisation has recognised acupuncture as being an effective treatment for many conditions, such as arthritis, migraine, pain relief to name but a few. Part of the holistic system of Chinese medicine, acupuncture is now practiced across the world in many communities, as a treatment of choice.

The acupuncturist in Ireland works in the private healthcare sector, as a health professional and uses the treatment to treat all aspects of a condition, from the presenting symptoms to the underlying cause. Emotional factors such as the stress and anxiety of a condition are also acknowledged and included within the treatment plan to give a holistic assessment and treatment.

Based on the principle that our body has energetic pathways or channels, which have a direct influence as to how our body functions. The acupuncturist uses these principles to assess the client and design an individual treatment plan. Acupuncture points are chosen for their best effect in treating the person and the condition. Many of the acupuncture points are on arms and legs and the acupuncture treatment can be a pleasant healing experience. Hair fine single use needles are inserted in chosen points around the body. Once the needles are chosen and inserted, the client relaxes and the needles do their work, activating the body's own resources to produce the best therapeutic effect. Needles are retained for up to 30 minutes, to allow the body to begin a healing process, and for the client to relax. A programme of acupuncture treatments is between 6 to 9 treatments, depending on the duration of the condition.

There is now considerable research showing acupuncture to be an effective treatment for many conditions, both acute and chronic. A recent study carried out in Exeter University UK, using a PET scan showed that local needle site activity continued long after the needles were removed, demonstrating that the therapeutic effect continues after needles are removed.

The National Health Service in the UK, now offer programmes of acupuncture treatments on the NHS as part of the NICE treatment recommendations. These recommendations followed a multi-centre study carried out in centres across Northern Ireland on nonspecific back pain and depression. Both of these conditions following this year long study were shown to respond effectively to acupuncture treatments, so that patients reduced medication and sick days were reduced.

Many fertility clinics now refer directly to acupuncturists as treatment improves the outcome of IVF treatments, according to a recent large German clinical trial.

Practitioners in Ireland are trained to the best international standard and are regulated by the professional association(s). Practitioners must reach the required training and practice standard and adhere to the professional codes of ethics and best practice. Long acknowledged by health insurers, treatment rebates are available for those with private healthcare insurance.

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