Monday 16 September 2019

Aerophobia leaves thousands of Irish people grounded

THE TRAJECTORY OF has rocketed since it was first started by Michael Comyn in 2009 as to help people overcome a fear of flying.

In an age of low-cost airlines, global business and long-haul holiday destinations, air travel is part of everyday life but aerophobia, or a fear of flying, affects thousands of people in Ireland on a daily basis. A fear of flying may be based on irrational thought and is often a learned behaviour, stemming from an unpleasant experience on an airplane, at an airport or from a lack of understanding of the dynamics of flying.

One-in-six Irish people are anxious passengers and a recent survey of such passengers ranked turbulence as the number one cause of anxiety matched only by the worries of ice and snow. According to Fly Fearless CEO Michael Comyn, 'A fear of flying can be extremely debilitating. If air travel is not an option, visiting friends, conducting business abroad and engaging in foreign travel becomes very difficult.

Fly Fearless helps aerophobia sufferers to work through their discomfort, whether their fear of flying stems from feelings of claustrophobia, not being in control or from a lack of understanding about how airplanes actually work. We help people work through their fears and concerns without using hypnosis or aversion therapy. In just one day, people's attitudes and feelings towards flying can be completely changed.' run a fear of flying course near Dublin airport every month helping people try to deal with this life limiting anxiety.

Michael Comyn said, 'Fear of flying can develop very suddenly, but fortunately, it can also be overcome just as quickly. The Fly Fearless workshop arms aerophobics with information about what is happening at each stage from take off to landing, prepares them with coping techniques to feel more in control of the situation and explains the physical causes of anxiety.'

With Fly Fearless courses, reluctant flyers work through their negative feelings about flying in a calm, safe and interactive environment. Course attendees go on to enjoy the freedom of the skies with a positive attitude flying.

Over 10 years ago Michael began looking at the fears associated with flying and was surprised to find that it can take only moments to become phobic and moments to fix it. His one to one educational sessions and group training sessions are structured and carefully planned around simple principles. The more you know the less anxious you become. You also need a strategy to calm your brains attempts to keep you "safer" than it needs for a simple flight. 'Our passion is to set you free from your fear and anxiety and to see you happy to travel. This course will help you regain that missing sense of control and get you on your way on that holiday, business or family flight.

'We have techniques that are elegant, encouraging and have a fantastic success rate with almost 90 per cent flying within two months of their course. There are several options available in Ireland including hypnosis and virtual flight experiences, however we are unique in our combination of seminar, simulator access and "flight" programme - we like to think we are also the best value. We will help you identify the sources of your anxiety, help you recognise and change harmful modes of thinking and learn how to stop worry. It's time to conquer your fears and take charge of your life.'

For more information contact or telephone: 1890 2000 47.

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