Friday 24 November 2017

An absolute must for any Super Mario fan

Chris Hayes - Game Review

Super Mario Maker is a unique celebration of Nintendo's mascot.
Super Mario Maker is a unique celebration of Nintendo's mascot.

Much of the fun of the Super Mario series has always been the brilliant simplicity of it all, so it is impressive that Nintendo have taken so long to release a DIY version of the iconic video game.

Our favourite little Italian plumber makes a terrific comeback in the latest instalment to the Super Mario world, Super Mario Maker.

The game is a unique celebration of Nintendo's mascot and one that nods towards a significant departure from the tried-and-tested formula.

It's a solid Super Mario release and an incredibly accessible level construction cut all rolled in to one.

You'll see a genuine reverence for Mario's history in the 10 Mario Challenge, a mode where you're given 10 lives to complete sample courses.

There's 68 stages in all and each one is wildly different from the other. Some remix levels from past Mario games, others showcase interesting twists and challenges that transform Mario's standard platforming mechanics into a puzzle to be solved. Overall, it's a fun experience, even if it can be finished in one or two sittings, depending on your skill level

10 Mario Challenge is bried, but it serves its purpose as an introduction to the game and its associated mechanics. Each sample course you unlock through 10 Mario Challenge can then be closely examined and disassembled in the Course Maker, providing insight in to the nuances of building your own stages.

Creating levels can be daunting at first, but with an overall dedication to simplicity typical of a Nintendo title, the learning curve is both intuitive and fun. Each piece of the DIY toolkit is well thought out, with smart button-based shortcuts, a grid-based user interface, and simple drag and drop controls.

A testament to the replay value of the title is the fact that every time I returned to the Course Maker, I would lose track of the amount of hours that would fly by, while I remained isolated in a childhood dream of realising my ideas of an outrageously wacky Super Mario stage.

Super Mario Maker is a game of joyous creation and fun surprises. And that's without mentioning things like the music, a highlight in every Mario game. From the familiar and joyous themes of the main worlds to the altered riffs you get when tinkering around in Make mode, the soundtrack captures that same essence of wonder and surprise as the rest of the game. This is an absolute must for any Super Mario fan.


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