Saturday 16 December 2017

An hour to save your life, RTE Two, Wednesday 7.25pm

About Time, RTE2, Wednesday 9pm

Frothy but enjoyable Richard Curtis film starring Domhnall Gleeson as a charming but gauche young man who finds out he has inherited the ability to travel back in time.

His father makes him swear he won't use his gift to pursue wealth or fame, but Jack decides it might be just the thing to improve his disastrous love life.

And it does . . . to begin with.

POrridge, BBC1, Friday 9.30pm

In this sequel to the classic 1970s sitcom, Kevin Bishop (with Harry Peacock and Ricky Grover) is Nigel Fletcher, the hapless grandson of Ronnie Barker's laconic jailbird, Fletch.

He's a chip off the old block and is doing a stretch in Wakeley Prison after a series of botched cybercrimes when falls foul of the spiteful warden Officer Meekie, but help of sorts is at hand.

World Cup Quallifer, RTE2, Friday 7pm

With two two games left in their campaign, Martin O'Neill's Republic of Ireland squad have it all to do.

Tonight they must win, and win handsomely, against visiting Moldova, but even if they do, and their last game away to Wales goes in their favour, it might not be enough to ensure a play-off spot.

That's what you get for approaching Georgia as cautiously as if they were Brazil.

Darragh Maloney presents from the Aviva Stadium.

An hour to save your life, RTE Two, Wednesday 7.25pm

The latest episode of the medical science series explores the life or death decisions facing doctors and midwives as they battle with neonatal emergencies. Based in Leicester Royal Infirmary's specialist maternity unit, cameras follow three babies as frontline midwives and neonatologists fight to keep them alive through the critical first hour. Among them is Alyssia, who is born 10 weeks premature.

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